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  • Green Chip (1 month with auto renewal)
  •   $11.95   
  • Green Chip (3 months with auto renewal)
  •   $24.95   
  • Green Chip (12 months with auto renewal)
  •   $79.95   
    Pages for reading and posting messages about blackjack and other AP subjects.

  • Current Blackjack News (3 months with auto renewal)
  • W  $35   
  • Current Blackjack News (12 months with auto renewal)
  • W  $109   
    Rules and playing conditions monthly for all U. S. casinos. CBJN pricing is for 3 or 12 months with automatic renewal. A new issue is published in the afternoon of the 3rd each month, regardless of the day of the week. The new issue in pdf format is automatically emailed to subscribers. CBJN is also available to subscribers in Excel format, and on the CBJN page of

  • Current Blackjack News (single issue) - by Stanford Wong
  • E  $17   
    Rules and playing conditions monthly for all U. S. casinos. Pricing is for a single issue only. The newsletter will be emailed to you without NV sales tax. Orders placed on or after the 25th of the month will receive the following month's issue, unless you specify otherwise in Special Instructions at the bottom of the order form. If you want a different future issue, please specify in Special Instructions.

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  • Weighing the Odds in Hold'em Poker - by King Yao
  • $9.95   
    King Yao explains how to play Hold'em poker.  

  • Bankroll Pouch
  • $9.95   
    Leather bankroll pouch; clips to your belt and hides inside your pants. 

  • Wong on Dice - by Stanford Wong
  • $9.95   
    Wong on Dice is mostly material that does not appear in any other book on craps.  

  • The Mad Professor's Crapshooting Bible - by Tino Gambino
  • $9.95   
    The title says it all: everything you need to know about craps.  

      Blackjack Books
  • Advanced Advantage Play - by Eliot Jacobson
  • $49.95   
    One of the most complete book ever made available to the general public on advantage play against casino table games. 

  • Blackjack Count Master e-Book - by DeepNet
  • $22.50   
    Designed to guide you from the very beginnings of Basic Strategy to the most advanced techniques of card counting. This electronic book will be emailed as a PDF file.  

  • Blackjack for Blood - by Bryce Carlson
  • $19.95   
    Presents a powerful level 2 card-counting system. 

  • Blackjack Secrets - by Stanford Wong
  • $14.95   
    How to get away with card counting in a casino. Mostly text; few tables. 

  • How to Beat Casino Surveillance e-book - by Vinny DeCarlo
  • $99.00   
    Vinny reveals insider secrets of casino surveillance --a goldmine of knowledge for the advanced player.  

  • How to Win More Blackjack Tournaments - Volumes I and II - by Ken Smith
  • $24.95   
    Both of Ken Smith's tournament blackjack e-books.  

  • Legends of Blackjack e-book - by Kevin Blackwood and Larry Barker
  • $14.95   
    This book contains the true stories of the ingenious pioneers who unraveled the secrets to winning at blackjack.  

  • Professional Blackjack - by Stanford Wong
  • $19.95   
    Card-counting advice for beginners to experts. 

  • You've got Heat e-book - by Barfarkel
  • $14.95   
    Barfarkel's e-book is interesting and informative  

  • You've got Heat Volume II e-book - by Barfarkel
  • $14.95   
    Barfarkel's second e-book  

      Blackjack Software
  • Excel BJedge - by Stanford Wong
  • $19.95   
    An Excel spreadsheet for quickly finding the casino's edge to the nearest hundredth of a percent for various sets of rules. 

  • Dunbar's Risk Analyzer for Blackjack
  • E  $19.95   
    A spreadsheet for analyzing risk of ruin at blackjack. Electronic version will be emailed to you without shipping charge or NV sales tax. CD rom will be mailed to you.CD  $19.95   

  • Professional Blackjack Training Bundle for Windows - by DeepNet
  • $95.00   
    Everything you need to master card counting in blackjack, in one software bundle for Windows.  

      Video Poker
  • Dunbar's Risk Analyzer for Video Poker 2.0
  • E  $19.95   
    Software for answering a wide range of bankroll and risk questions for video poker players. Electronic version will be emailed to you without shipping charge or NV sales tax. CD rom will be mailed to you.CD  $19.95   

  • Optimum Video Poker - by Dan Paymar
  • $59.95   
    Dan's latest product is the new Optimum Video Poker version 3.4.  

  • Video Poker - Optimum Play - by Dan Paymar
  • $19.95   
    223 pages on jacks or better, deuces wild, and joker wild. New second edition with new and improved tactics, 2004 copyright. 

      Sports Betting
  • Sharp Sports Betting - by Stanford Wong
  • $19.95   
    380 pages on parlays, teasers, prop bets, money management, etc. 

  • Weighing the Odds in Sports Betting - by King Yao
  • $19.95   
    After success with his poker book, King Yao tackles sports betting. 

      Other Books
  • Casino Tournament Strategy - by Stanford Wong
  • $29.95   
    How to get an edge in tournaments in blackjack, craps, baccarat, keno, and horses. 

  • Casino-ology 2 - by Bill Zender
  • $39.95   
    Zender's latest book in the series covers new and emerging gaming management issues.  

  • Optimal Strategy for Pai Gow Poker - by Stanford Wong
  • $14.95   
    How to set each possible seven-card hand into hands of five and two cards. 

      Other Products
  • Ultimate BJ Strategy Cards - Single Deck - by Don Schlesinger
  • $6.99   
    The single deck version of Schlesinger's blackjack strategy card suite.  

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